Heath – Ditch Magnets

OilworX is the Australian distributor for Heath Energy Products that provides innovative magnetic products and services, to operators and contractors of the international petroleum industry. Their patented self cleaning magnetic systems are unique and provide outstanding performance for use in all oil and gas drilling applications. Ditch Magnets, Drill String Magnets, and Fishing Magnets are available.

Heath – Fishing Magnet Tools

OilworX is the Australian distributor for HEATH Fishing Magnets.
Multi-use magnetic tools that can be run on Drill Pipe, Coiled Tubing, or Wireline. Fishing magnets include a central bore hole to allow for flushing in cased or open hole.

Heath – Drill String Magnets

OilworX is the Australian agent and distributor for HEATH – DRILL STRING MAGNETS.
“MAGCLAMP” has the highest operating temperatures of any downhole magnet,and instantly turns the drill pipe into a drill string magnet, with no exposed fasteners. “MAGCLAMP” reduces downhole lost time.

Eneroil – Casing Centralisers & Accessories

Turbine Driven Reamer Shoes guarantee delivery of casing & liners to bottom. Deep Casing Tools are specialist manufacturers of purpose made reamer shoes for demanding down hole conditions. Ensuring well integrity, and completing the well as planned. Easily drilled through, and used worldwide for difficult extended reach wells. Contact OilworX for quotations & delivery times.